Solutions for a better communication with the Arab World


We operate through a series of interactive workshops targeting professionals interested in the Arab region. The workshops address topics of cultural representation in media, cultural insights and market potential – and collectively – with the participants, suggest solutions for better communication strategies with Arab audiences.


We provide trainings and consultancy for businesses with interests in the Middle East to maximize the results of their advertising, marketing and visual communication targeting Arab audiences. It’s time to work ‘with’ Arabia rather than ‘on’ it.

Talks and lectures

Our overall goal is to offer cultural insights about Arab communities and multilingual visual communication. We connect you to identity-makers, be they designers, marketers, advertising and communication professionals, artists and journalists. We host talks, lectures and workshops in collaboration with cultural institutions across Germany and the European Union.


We believe that academia should be a catalyst for cultural change. Consult Middle East offers student workshops, lectures and opportunities for academic and research exchange on identity politics and multilingual design.

*Custom: We create custom workshop formats and trainings according to your needs. Our network of collaborators answers your business requests and offers services that fit your demands.