We are communication and design experts organizing workshops and trainings, putting years of experience in multicultural settings at your service.

Imad Gebrayel [-][+]

Imad is a creative director and researcher specializing in identity representation and bilingual visual communication. He has produced visual and theoretical works around Self-Orientalism in Arab design, subjective mapping and archiving. He has also collaborated with several journalistic platforms on exploring common grounds between design and media outlets across Europe. These platforms include ACE, Verspers and currently Global Ground media, a newsroom running on CIVIL.

Through engaged design practices and cross-cultural experience, Imad aims to actively participate in a healthier dialogue between cultures and markets, one that avoids stereotyping and cultural appropriation for a better business-to-consumer relationship and a fair representation in design and communication disciplines.

After years of experience as creative director of Mojo Ink – a creative studio based in the UAE with clients from the public and private sectors across the Middle East – he moved to The Netherlands to complete a Master’s degree and is currently based in Berlin where he explores new opportunities in identity representation and urban development.

Through Consult Middle East, Imad aims to connect international businesses with top level consultants and creatives, all collectively determined to bridge the gap between the corporate world and its respective audiences.

Sandra Khoury-Flouti [-][+]

Based in Abu Dhabi – Founder & Managing Partner of Mojo Ink, she has successfully managed, delivered and integrated national and regional brand experiences within an international framework; her experience in managing multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural environments to bridge communication gaps and facilitate stakeholder engagement processes make her an asset for clients such as Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development, Crown Prince Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ADNOC & GASCO to name a few.

Following close to 2 decades of experience in MENA, she brings her extensive regional and international experience in publishing, branding communication, experiential branding and creative consultancy to transform how businesses communicate in multi-stakeholder and multicultural settings.

Prior to Mojo Ink, during her time in the UAE, she worked as a brand & creative consultant for the private and public sector, notably with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority on multiple regional and international projects including publishing and brand management for their global communication strategy and campaigns designed to attract visitors and businesses alike. She also consulted with Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage Authority on the New York Film Academy and launched Shawati’ Magazine. She owes her success to Dubai, which became her second home and launched her career in 2000 in the PR industry and then saw her shift to journalism where she became Editor and Communication Director for Jumeira Beach Magazine.

Aurelie Saliba [-][+]

French Lebanese marketing and communication expert, Aurélie has lived and worked in 6 different European and Middle Eastern cities where she maximized her multicultural knowledge and collaborated with several brands and businesses. 

Following a double Bachelor major in advertising and photography in Beirut, Aurélie pursued a Photography Master’s in Paris then lived and worked in Munich, Hamburg and currently in Berlin.

Her extensive experience in advertising has cultivated a wide range of skills including creative strategies, campaign optimization, market research and analysis. At BBDO Worldwide – Munich, she played a key role in a team that maintained a coherent public image for the Mercedes-Benz and smart automotive brands in 35 global markets. The position that followed at Chromedia gave her an elaborate hands-on experience in creating communication processes for the Porsche brand including project management, reputation management and the identification of business synergies.

In Hamburg, she worked at the SaaS company Facelift and managed several clients on different verticals spreading across the Middle East and Europe for who she developed integrated communication tactics. She maintains her skills as a professional photographer and is fluent in French, English, German and Arabic. Aurélie currently works as a consultant in a multinational creative environment in Berlin.